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We’ve Got a Solution for That!

Equal Employment Opportunity

Gulfeagle’s  policy  is  to  utilize  available  human  resources  effectively  by  selecting  the best-qualified person for the job.   Gulfeagle highly weighs factors, such as educational background,  previous  experience,  proven  skills,  desirable  character  traits,  and  growth potential. The personnel hired and promoted in the past, along with those to be hired and promoted in the future, have been, and will continue to be, selected from all applicants on the basis of qualifications felt essential for an employee to perform well.    These include such  factors  as  ability,  availability,  capability,  aptitude,  experience,  education  and  a willingness to work and serve.

Gulfeagle  makes  it  a  priority  to  provide  employees  the  opportunity  to  develop  to  their fullest  potential  without  regard  to  age,  race,  gender,  color,  religion,  national  origin, disability,  martial  status,  veteran  status,  sexual  orientation  or  any  other  characteristic protected under federal, state or local laws.   Harassment and intimidation are recognized forms of discrimination and, as such, are not tolerated.

This  policy  is  applied  to  all  business  decisions  including  recruiting,  hiring,  promotions, layoffs,   compensation,   benefits,   termination,   and   all   other   privileges,   terms,   and conditions  of  employment.     Gulfeagle’s  policy  communicates  the  important  guidelines and procedures that will be followed in providing equal employment and advancement opportunities on the basis of individual qualifications and job performance. All Gulfeagle employees are expected to support the principle of diversity and equal opportunity in the workplace.     Any  employee  with  a  question  regarding  discrimination  is  encouraged  to speak with his/her manager and/or the VP Human Resources.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Employees  are  the  company’s  most  valuable  resource  and,  for  that  reason,  their  health and  safety  are  of  paramount  concern.     Consistent  with  the  spirit  and  intent  of  this concern,  Gulfeagle  is  a  Drug-Free  Workplace  and  therefore  has  established  policy indicating same.   A copy of Gulfeagle’s Drug-Free Workplace Program can be requested in  writing  at  any  time  during  employment.    All  requests  should  be  directed  to  the  VP Human Resources.

Gulfeagle’s    policy    prohibits    any    employee    from    possessing,    selling,    soliciting, transferring, producing, distributing, dispensing and/or using any medically unauthorized narcotic, other illegal drug or associated paraphernalia on or off the job or on company property.    In  addition,  Gulfeagle  prohibits  the  sale,  possession  or  unauthorized  use  of alcoholic beverages on the job or on company property.

Gulfeagle   conducts   pre-employment,   post-accident,   random   and   reasonable-suspicion drug testing.   Employees may be tested for reasons related to impaired job performance, public safety, and behavioral observations or as a follow-up to treatment.   Job applicants and employees must be tested by a lab designated by Gulfeagle.